Fired Part 2

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Fired Part 2

I drive up tot he house...and it is huge. Of course he is a VP so I am sure he can afford it. Getting out of my car I straighten my skirt. I took a shower when I went home, pussy was aching from being denied an orgasm so many times today. I was afraid to take the tension off myself though, afraid somehow he would know and would punish me. I walk up to the door and ring the doorbell, nervous. I am sure he will appreciate my outfit, or rather what's under it. I have on a black skirt, a white tops with a black lacy camisole underneath, my top is only buttoned halfway so that you can see the camisole peeking out, completing my outfit is high heels stockings and gartes. I didn't wear panties, no need I hope. I hear someone walking to the front door, the doorknob turns and it opens, there he is, I can feel my pussy throbbing just looking at hime.

"Well Christa, I see you made it and with five minutes to spare. That's a /good/good-girl/">good girl, come on in." As I follow him inside I notice how spectacular his house is. He leads me into what must be the den. Stopping in the middle of the room he turns around. Pulling me to him he begins to kiss me passionately. His tongue doing a wonderfully wicked little dance inside of mouth. His hands begin running up and down my back. He pulls my blouse out of my skirt and slips his hands up in cupping my breasts in through my camisole. He gently begins to massage them as I moan my pleasure into his mouth. He pulls back and unbuttons my blouse slipping it off my shoulders. Reaching behind me he unzips my skirt, sliding it over my hips and letting it fall to the floor. I quickly step out of it and he stands back.

"Nice" he says and motions me towards the couch. Unsure of what he wants I stand there unti he tells me to sit.

"Alright Christa, here are the rules for this weekend, and you must obey them. sit quietly anddon't speak until I finish.
Number 1--you are notto wear clothes unless I specifically tell you to. You more than likely full hd xvideo download will not have need of them at all this weekend.
Number 2--You are never to touch yourself inany self-gratifying way, unless I say otherwise.. Of course when bathing and using the bathroom you will have to, but that is it. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Number 3--I have a high sex drive in case you couldn't guess, so whenever you see me in a state of arousal you must pleasure me.
Number 4--You will not speak unless spoken to or I give you permission.
Number 5--You will sexually do who/what I want when I want with one exception and I will get to that.
Number 6--If you break any of these rules you will be punished as you were earlier today. Sometimes though I may want to spank you just for my pleasure. It just depends."

"Ok Christa, have you ever had anal?"
"N-no no sir," I replied kind of fearful.
"Is it something you would wish to try?"
I thought for a minute......."I don't think so sir. Is that ok?"
"Yes that is fine. One more thing call me /master/">master as that is what I will be to you for the weekend."
"Yes, Master, " I replied feeling my pussy tingling for some reason.

He began to remove his shirt and I admired his ripped chest it was obvious that he worked out a lot. Unbuttoning his slacks he let the fall tot he ground followed quickle by his boxers. He stepped out of them standing completely nude. His /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock jutting out I immediately fell to my knees in front of him taking the head into my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, so thick my handwouldn't close and began to jack his shaft while I alternately licked and sucked his head. His breathing ragged he began to thrust his hips forward. I removed my hand and let him throast his cock all the way in. Suddenly he pulls out and I moan in frusturation

"What is it you little slut?" he asks me laughingly "did you want my cum?"
"Yes, Master," I replied.
"Oh don't worry Christa you will have it...just not yet. Now stand up and follow me."

I comply as he leads the way up the stairs to the second floor. He oens the door to a room and I follow him in. There's a huge four-poster bed. I notice that on each post there are what look to be restraints. I can feel myself getting hotter at the thought of him tying me up this way. I have always wanted it but been too timid to ask.

"Spread eagle on the bed now!" Master commands.

I quickly obey. Trembling at the thought of what is to come. He walks to one side and attaches one arm to the shackles then proceeds to do the same with my leg. I can feel my juices. I am so wet as I watch him walk to the other side of the bed and do the same thing. He climbs on the bed beside me and begins to kiss me. Biting my lower lip gently. He makes his way down my kneck sending chill bumps over my body. He makes his way down to one breast taking a nipple between his teeth and tugging. I moan arching my back up to meet his mouth. He makes his way to my other breast paying it the same attention. Unconciously I begin moving my hips searching for something, anything to ctouch my pussy, but of course nothings there. He begins to trail kisses along my stomach. Nipping my flesh with his teeth. He trails kisses along the inside of one thigh and back up the other. Stopping is mouth hovering above my pussy, I hold my breath in anticipation. I try to push up into his face but he pulls back out of reach. I begin to whimper and he chuckles. 

"Tell me what you want!" he demands.
"Oh master please"
"Please what?"
"Please lick me, lick my pussy. I want to cum Master so /bad/">bad!"

He leans downand lightly runs his tongue over my lips. I begin to quiver. He slips his tongue inside of me flicking it in and out. Moaning loudly, pulling against my restraints, I want soo badly just to touch him. He pulls his tongue out and slowly makes his way up to my clit. With the first flick of his tongue I am lost thrown into the most powerful orgasm I can remember. And still he keeps licking. I try to tell him to stop but he won't listen. He slips two fingers inside /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking me. He takes my clit between his teeth and bites gently and I scream. By now I am totally bucking wildly. not having multiple this is just one orgasm that continues. I am not sure how long it went on. The sensations so erotic and /sensual/">sensual I actually blacked out. I wake up to find him hovering over me smiling. Leaning down he kisses me, slipping his tongue inside to play with mine. I can taste my juices on his lips and it drives me wild. Without warning he surges into me. Moving so slowly at first. I begin to thrust my hips to match his speed. Moaning into his mouth he pulls away to find first one nipple and then the other. He begins to increase the speed faster and faster. Driving himself deep. 

"You like my cock fucking your pussy?" he asks me.
"Yes, Master I love the way your cock feels."
"Ahhh such a good little slut. I am going to release your legs. I want them over my shoulders so I can be buried to the hilt." And he does just that. Pounding into me.
"Oh fuck me, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder master."
And he does.
"You really are a little slut aren't you Christa."
"Oh yes Master."
Say it Christa, say your a slut"
"Oh yes, I'm such a slut MAster."
"Are you my slut Christa?"
"Yes yes Master I'm your little slut. Fuck me. Oh yeah it feels so good."
"Yes it does slut. Your pussy is gripping me so tight. Such a tight little pussy. Just the way I like it."
"Oh yeah fuck my pussy."
"No's my pussy now." 
"Yes master yes."
"And I can do whatever I want to and with it now can't I."
"Yes, yes master whatever you want....oh oh ummmmm oh god oh oh I'm gonna cum," I scream out my orgasm thrusting my hips trying to take him deeper. He groans and slams into me one last time. He braces himself above me catching his breath. He reaches up and undo my arms, then lays down beside me. I roll on my free porn movies download side looking at him qustioningly.

"You did good for now Christa. Lay back and we will both take a much needed nap.."