Hellooooo nurse

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Hellooooo nurse

Just to start off my name is Justin, I'm 22 years old and live in LA. I"ve always had the of a . Well one day my fantasy became . I was 20 at the time and had been sick for about a week when I decided to go to the . After giving me and examination he told me real forced anal against her will the reason I was sick was my tonsils. They had to be removed.

So we made an appointment with the local hospital and I would go in for the surgery on Tuesday. The surgery went well and they took me to recovery where I"d have to stay for a few days until the swelling went down. When I woke up after the surgery there was a beautiful young woman standing over me. As I opened my eyes she smiled at me and said good morning. From what I could tell she had shoulder length light brown hair and blue eyes. She asked if I was hungry and I nodded, my throat to sore to speak, so she raised the head of my bed so that I was in a reclined position. 

Now I could see the rest of her. She stood at about 5'8" and was thin with long legs. She wore a tight pair of white pants that you could kind of see through and when she turned around I could see she was wearing a dark colored . Her blouse was a printed button down top which wasn't very revealing like her pants. Her ass was nice and round with just the perfect amount of bubble. With the top she had on I couldn't quite make out the size of her breasts but the looked to be around a 34c.

She was now making generalized conversation with me despite the fact I couldn't talk I just nodded or shook my head no. As our conversation went on she started to talk about her personal life more and how she had just broken up and moved into a new apartment, etc. She gave me a note book so that I could give "real" answers. She asked where I was from, what I did for a living, and other typical questions for small talk.

After about a half an hour of her talking to me and helping me out of bed so that she could change my sheets, she told me it was time for me to shower. This was fine and I wrote down that I was heading in there. She then looked at me and told me shed be in there in a minute to help. I wrote that I would be fine but she disagreed because I was still a little trippy from being put under for the surgery and she didn't want me to fall asleep or fall and hurt myself. So I just shrugged and grabbed my towel and and went into the bathroom.

I was running the water and testing the temp with my hand when she walked in. When I turned around I saw that she had taken the printed top off and she now was only wearing a wife beater and the tight pants. She said she didn't want anything on the shirt. She told me to go ahead and drop my towel and hop in, now at this point I was starting to get hard under my towel so I was hesitant to lose the towel but did anyways. I believe she noticed my increasingly hardening wood because she said wow when the towel dropped to the floor.

After I stepped in the shower she grabbed the wash cloth from the counter and got it wet as I stood there hard on and all in the hot steamy shower. She lathered soap on to the cloth and xnxxv sunny leone video started to rub me down. She started with my face and neck being very gentle. She then moved to my shoulders massaging them as she went, she then moved on to my back taking long enough strokes just to touch the top of my ass cheeks. My eyes still closed I felt her stop, but why, she couldn't I was enjoying this way too much for her to stop now. Then I heard something hit the floor. I rinsed the soap from my face and looked over just in time to see her sliding out of her thong and step into the shower behind me. From there she reached around to the front of me pressing her large firm breasts against me and started to rub my chest and abs. I then saw her grab the soap in her bare hands and lather them up. After she set the soap back down she started to rub my cock with the soap. She started slowly at the bottom of my shaft and worked her way up to the head and then back down again. After doing this for several minutes she stepped in front of me and kissed me. She told me she knew she wanted me from the moment she saw me coming down the hall. After the kiss she turned around and told me she wanted my thick 7" cock in her pussy. She put both hands on the wall in front of us and spread her legs open. 

I then grabbed a hold of my cock and put my head right on her lips but not pushing in yet. Instead I rubbed my wet throbbing cock head against her swollen pussy lips until she reached around and grabbed one of my ass cheeks and pulled me in. I started out slow at first, taking long strokes trying to get the full length of my shaft in her tight . She then started to push back against me when I"d push into her. She asked me to do it harder and faster. As I went faster and harder she started to moan more and louder. Then she told me to go even faster so I went as fast I could which meant it wasn't going to last long because I was about to blow my was anyways. After about ten minutes of the fast hard action I finished and she turned around and swallowed my entire cock on the first try sucking me dry of any juices that were left.

After that she dried off got dressed and left the bathroom. She finished making my bed and then looked at me, winked and said 'thanks" and then left the room. Unfortunately I haven't seen her again to this day.