MsBradleys Tardy Policy

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MsBradleys Tardy Policy

Tami was in a rush to get to class as she ran as fast as she could but time definitely wasnt on her side. She had about 7 seconds till the bell rung and she couldnt be late, her /teacher/">teacher threatened that anyone who was late over 3 would face big consequences. This would be Tamis fourth time. The teacher was Ms.Bradley, and she never took any shit in her classroom. She was very strict, and if you asked a stupid question she would just look at you for a long moment and then adjust her glasses and ignore you. Nobody even knew why Ms. Bradley was this way, but after school she was totally different.

Students said she was very happy-go-lucky and even nice and passionate. She had the biggest classroom in the school, it took up almost 3 classrooms because half of it was her backroom, where she graded papers. No one was allowed inside without permission, but there were windows so you could see she was on her computer or grading.

Tami was a second from being late, and so close to the door so she courageously hurled her book bag away and slid for it as if she was sliding home in Game 7 of the world series. But the brown door touched her out as Ms.Bradley has just closed the door. "Wha-Ms.Bradley thats not fair I had A SECOND left!" Tami yelled through the door. "Get a late pass and then get in here," Ms.Bradley examined her clipboard and marked Tami tardy, then began to lecture the class about math. Tami saw Ryan and noticed he was late. "Ryan, how many times have you been late?" Tami asked eagerly, not wanting to face the consequences alone.

"This is my 2nd, but last semester I hit 4th strike....." "What happened?" Tami had to know what was to come. "Ms.Bradley-she has some sort of thing for fart torturing students...I know its weird but-" "What? Come on Ryan lets be for real." Tami said doubtfully. "This is all true...shes /crazy/">crazy about it- I fell victim and was forced to inhale all of her farts...and let me just say there was a lot, and it was the most horrible experience." Ryan finished as Tami looked disgusted. "Thats FUCKING GROSS! Who in the world would do some nasty shit like that!" Tami exclaimed, almost wanting to barf already.

"Heh heh, yeah I felt scarred for life. Her gushy butt cheeks up against my face, it was disturbing. I know shes like almost 50 and has a bubble butt thats so jiggly but blehhh!" Ryan continued. "Theres no way Im going after school! I will call the police or something to make sure that doesnt happen!" Tami announced. "Well, good luck, cause if you havent noticed Ms.Bradley is clever and shes been teaching for over 10 years," Ryan left as Tami got her pass and entered class. She made sure to pay attention in class and answer questions, to suck up to Ms.Bradley; anything to change her mind about the consequences she would have to face.

 Ms.Bradley acknowledged it and after class Tami was happy and she got out of her seat and headed for the door behind her class mates when suddenly Ms.Bradley grabbed her. "Where do you think youre going? Youve got time to serve with me, and Im going to make sure youre on time!" She covered Tamis face with some kind of towel and Tami passed out. Ms.Bradley tied her body in the backroom, she had enough time to tweak her mistakes before the next class in 20 minutes, making sure she had her tape gagged and unable to move if she were to wake up.

2 hours later, school had been dismissed and Ms.Bradley locked her doors and covered her blinds, then went into the backroom and saw Tami conscious and moving around trying to break her bounds. Ms.Bradley crouched right beside her and porn videos download said,"If youre hungry and want something to eat, just nod your head Tami." Tami nodded her head fast, and Ms.Bradley said "Okay." and she went to microwave to heat some pizza. She took it out and sat Tami at her long table and took off her gag. She put 3 slices of pizza on a plate. "Is that fine? Need any toppings?" Ms.Bradley asked. "Well, maybe pepperoni if you have it."

Ms.Bradley stood on the table, crouched over the plate ass first and said "Well I was thinking youd like this-*PRROPHHHHHHOOOOOOT!* topic!" Tamis eyes widened as she couldnt believe what Ms.Bradley has just done. "Here, Ill feed it to you..." "No....NO. I dont want any anymore, Im fine thank you." Ms.Bradley looked at her with a smirk. "You do not have a choice in MY classroom. Now you will eat this whether I fart on it 1200 times. Now eat up!" Ms.Bradley shoved the first slice in Tamis mouth, and forced her to chew. Tami could taste a pinch of shit as she barely got it down her throat.

She wanted to throw up but didnt want to face anything else. Ms.Bradley patted Tamis head. "Good job Tami, now youve got some food and now I can begin out torture session." "That was enough torture already," Tami admitted. After that Ms.Bradley tape gagged her and laid her out over the table and took her jeans off. "Im bitchy during school because I have a lot of gas that needs to be released afterward. Let me demonstrate..... Ms.Bradley stood over Tamis body then squatted down so that her bubble ass would meet Tamis face; and when it did, Ms.Bradley let loose some terrible smelling farts on Tamis face, leaving her totally forced to smell her gas as she bounced her /ass/big-ass/">big ass on Tamis face, laughing, as Tami squirmed and screamed through the tape as much as she could. *BROOOOMPHHHHH!* *TROOOMPHAATTTTT!* "MMMFFFFFF!" Tami whined as every fart landed on her face and caused her to suffer more and more.

"Cmon Tami, smell this ass, thisll teach you to never arrive in my class xxx Tardy again!!" *FROOOOMMPHHHHHHTT!* As the gas particles found their way to Tamis nose Tami thrashed around wildly under Ms.Bradley,and Ms.Bradley responded back by taking those tight jeans off and those dirty fart filled panties as she rubbed them all over Tamis already red nose. Ms.Bradleh then opened up her asscheeks to produced more stinky gas up the nostrils of Tami, laughing. *ROOOOOOOMPHAATTTTT!* *ROOMPHAT!* *PRPPPPPRRRRRRRTT!*

Tami could no longer take these unbearable farts, she wanted to throw up so /bad/">bad! Ms.Bradley took her tape gag off, then ordered, "Tami, lick my dirty shithole NOW." "NO! Please, Im begging you Ms.Bra-" "Do it now or I will fail you and youll have this punishment every single day!" That motivated helpless Tami to lick her dirty and shitty ass clean, receiving farts in her mouth during the process.

When Tami was done Ms.Bradley put the tape back sealed on her mouth and she gassed Tamis nostrils until she passed out. Ms.Bradley smiled and put her panties and pants on as she heard knocks. It was an administrator Mrs.Trailburn. "Is everything-whew weee, what us that smell?" she had to interrupt herself. "Must be coming from the bathroom down the hall, thats my guess." Ms.Bradley replied....