Japanese girl Anzu Hebe

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Japanese girl Anzu Hebe

It was late August and me and Anzu were hanging outside in a nearby park.
I was making this the chance that I would know if she was having the same ideas that I was.
I think I was confident, I don't want to be conceited or anything but lots of people did give me compliments.
I wanted to impress her by wearing black, white and green, her 3 most favorite colors. Yes I was desperate.

That day she was wearing a plaided blue mini skirt and a /cute/">cute sleeveless top. Her hair was set in small piggy tails while the rest of her long black hair lay on her shoulders.
Anzu's big brown eyes always seemed to amaze me, the way she talked and smiled just made me want to have her.
We walked in the park, miraculously no one was there but us.
I smiled and led her to a shady spot above the brances of the tree.
The weather was wonderful, it wasn't too hot or too cold, just a fresh breeze flew by.
We both sat down and I looked into Anzu's eyes, she looked at mine back putting on her cute smile.
" Anzu," I said, I wanted to take it slow but I just wanted to have her as fast as I could.
" Yup," she said sweetly as her hair blew in the wind.
" C-Can I hold you for a second?" When I said that, I swear I could of just disappeared.
" Dany, I know what you want, I have known you for too long." Anzu whispered leaning forward to me.
" So. .do you feel the same way?" I said as my hand gently touched her face.
" What do you think?" She giggled. " No One else is here, besides, I've always dreamed of having you."
I couldn't hold it any longer, so I just embraced her in my arms and then passionately kissed her.
For a while I was beginning if she regretted it, so I stopped and looked at her in the eyes.
She just smiled.

" Anzu, Can I?" I asked, she knew what that meant after knowing me for 5 years already.
She winked and replied with a simple sure.
I took off her top and my eyes widely opened.
She was slim but her breasts were firm and full.
I unhooked her white bra and I kept looking at her eyes.

" Come on Dany, please, I want you. This is my /first-time/">first time anyways."
She said putting on a cute little pout on her face.
Before I could check if there was anyone in the park, I guess she was impatient because she leaped on me on all fours.
Anzu was on top, half dressed and creeped down and unzipped my pants, her soft hands caressing my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick.
She gave it her all. As she blowed my dick, I swear, this is a dream come true. She moaned as she sucked all 9 inches.
" It's so big Dany, I'm not sure If I can handle it."
All i knew was that I wanted to try.

So I told her to lay on her back as I took off her skirt and her matching white panties.
" Please... be gentle, I'm still /scared/">scared." She said
" Don't worry baby, I will, you cute thing, Just tell me if it hurts okay?"
I started rubbing her clit, and heard cute little moans from her.
I could tell she was breathing hard, I licked it and touched her breasts. Her ass tasted so good.
She kept on moaning as my tongue went in deeper.
After a while I asked her if she was ready.
" Okay..Fuck me...Dany."
I took my dick and shoved it into her ass.
It didn't fit, her ass was just too small.
Anzu moaned everytime I tried but it still couldnt get in.
" One more try." She said as she spreaded her legs even more.

I tried one more time. It fit, but damn, it was so small.
It felt good each time I went in and out.
Anzu would reply moaning cutely.
I kept fucking her. As I went blowjob porn videos into her milf porn videos body, It almost seemed like it would get stuck. It was a good feeling.
After a few minutes of fucking I told her I was going to
cum. She just smiled and said," Yes! Go! ooh...Yeah!"
The warm cum bursted into her body.
As I stopped to look at her again, I noticed she wasn't what I thought before.
After we got dressed and headed to my place.

She told me that I was not allowed to tell anyone about what happened because she still wanted to keep her /sweet/">sweet and innocent look, but she promised that she would do anything to satisfy her man.