Maid For Loving

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Maid For Loving

Jimena Sanchez bent over to clean the bathtub, squirting the bleach enthusiastically around the tub's grimy rim. As she did so, Jimena noticed the tiny short skirt on her little maid's uniform riding up her ass and revealing part of her sexy well rounded ass in her white panties. The uniform was the kind of traditional french maid's uniform you could buy as a kinky dressing up outfit, but Jimena's boss made her wear it as an actual uniform. It was black silk with an extremely low cut neckline bordered with white lace, Jimena's impressive 34 E breasts were barely held in by the flimsy costume and when she wwwxxx bent over like she did now she was worried they could fall out. The skirt of her maid's outfit barely covered Jimena's thighs and had a little white lace apron tied around it as if that could possibly be any good at keeping her clean. Along with this tiny skimpy outfit Jimena's employer insisted on her doing the housework in six inch stiletto the wwwxxx sandals that made it difficult to actually get any cleaning done properly. Now, as Jimena leant over the bath, her skirt riding up her ass and her breasts wobbling beneath her, she felt a momentary worry that she might topple forward from the weight of her hanging breasts and the tiny pillars she had to balance on. In the winter she was allowed to accompany the uniform with white silk sockings and suspenders but on this hot fall day her long dark brown legs and firm thighs were exposed to had to her feeling of exposure.

Jimena was quite self conscious about her appearance, her latina heritage gave her notably dark skin which Jimena felt caused people in the affluent Californian town where she lived stare at her disapprovingly, she was slightly plump, although not unpleasantly so, and her full fleshy protruding breasts and ass and curvy figure made her even more conscious of people looking at her. As a result of this, Jimena didn't really like wearing the uniform and the unwanted attention that it received as she walked down the street to work had caused her to conceal it under a long coat that made her look even more like a stripper. She still got whistles on the street which she tried to ignore, especially from the guys at River Falls High School, they felt because she wore this uniform and was a latina that she was gagging for it and would welcome their advances, it was thought that her maid service was only her day job cover for her real work as a hooker. Jimena certainly noticed that certain people like her employers' /daughter/">daughter Claire and her snooty friend Jessie looked down on her although she was some years older and this made her feel even more self-conscious.

However, at the same time, Jimena felt that there was something /sensual/">sensual about the outfit, the feel of the silk and lace against her skin and those feelings of exposure and vulnerability that the outfit provoked, sometimes she even felt flattered and proud about the attention she got from guys. She even felt, looking in the mirror, that, despite her self consciousness, she looked pretty good in that outfit, at least to those with a taste in latina women. She had perfect olive skin, dark sensual eyes and a mass of black curls she had inherited from her mother, her body, although far from slim, had the curves that people seemed to admire in /women/latin-women/">latin women like her idol Jennifer Lopez. So, Jimena felt an odd dichotomy in her blossoming sexuality, she found the uniform both sensual and embarrassing and was flattered but turned off by the attention from guys.

Jimena was twenty two and Mexican, her father had mistreated her mother so they had run away to the US when Jimena was six. Jimena's mother had put her through school working cleaning jobs for the wealthy people of River Falls, California until Jimena was sixteen when she dropped out of school to help the family finances by working as a cleaner for these rich families. At the age of twenty two she still lived with her mother in a tiny house above a grocery store and was still a virgin, despite the ideas in the heads of the local teenage guys.

Jimena had been working for the Lancaster family for about six months now. Before this Jimena had had to work loads of cleaning jobs across town simply to pay for her food and living expenses. The Lancasters wanted someone to give their large house an impressive clean every day of the week. The pay was much better than before and Jimena could finally devote some of her time and money to completing her high school diploma in evening classes. Jimena felt that the Lancaster job was giving her the chance to finally rise above her latin immigrant roots. The only problem was the skimpy, revealing uniform. This had been a condition of the job and Jimena got the impression that she'd only been successful at the interview and with Mr. Lancaster managed to get such a well paid job because of her looks and her large protruding breasts.

Throughout the interview Jimena felt that Mr. Lancaster was coming on to her. He was a man of about fifty and he looked quite good considering his age, he was tall and wiry with his black hair slightly greying at the temples and a grey moustache. As he interviewed Jimena he looked at her with a slightly off-putting leer and then brought up the issue of the uniform. However, Jimena felt that she couldn't really afford to turn this job down, the pay was really good and for that she could tolerate the slightly unwelcome closeness of her working relations with Mr. Lancaster. Mr. Lancaster was known to have a weakness for women, his wife was almost fifteen years younger than him and he was generally thought to be having an affair with an even younger woman. Thus far however his attentions towards Jimena didn't stray further than ogling her as she worked and occassionally feeling up her ample breasts.

As she scrubbed hard at the scum around the bathtub, her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts jiggling beneath her Jimena heard the door open and the sound of Mr. Lancaster's step on the tiles of the bathroom floor. Jimena looked round briefly and saw the familiar leer on Mr. Lancaster's face and a twinkle in his eye. She smiled shyly, trying not to lead him on but at the same time desperate not to antagonise him. She was still bent over the bathtub, tottering on her ludicrous heels as she felt his hand on her panty clad ass, her skirt still riding up as she bent over.

"Now, Jimena, is it really appropriate to wear such a revealing skirt while on the job? Some people may find it a little distracting."

He landed a gentle slap on her ass that made her stand right up again. Mr. Lancaster moved his hands around to her large breasts, running his hands across them, he leant down to whisper in her ear, Jimena could feel the touch of his erect cock pressing against her ass through the thin material of the maid's uniform. She started to feel a little nervous as his hands ran over her breasts.

"You've been a very /girl/bad-girl/">bad girl to dress like that, haven't you Jimena?" he whispered.

Jimena was relieved to hear the door open again and Mr. Lancaster pull away from her. Jimena was now standing upright and turned to see Mr. Lancaster's wife, Laura, come in to the room.

"Come on Jimena, we're not paying you to stand around seducing my husband. There's the living room needs vacuuming."

Jimena was grateful for the excuse to get away from Mr. Lancaster and quickly took Mrs. Lancaster up on her command. Laura Lancaster was a woman in her late thirties, almost six foot tall and was a complete opposite in appearance to Jimena. She was skinny almost to the point of being boney although she appeared quite athletic, her breasts and ass were small but quite pert and her face was not unattractive despite a slightly narrow appearance and a pointed nose, she had short blonde hair and was dressed in tight shorts and a sports bra, she was sweaty and had just come from working out at the gym. Laura Lancaster had been nineteen when she had married George Lancaster, a businessman fifteen years her senior, because she was pregnant with his child. Jimena got the impression that Mrs. Lancaster didn't appear too happy to have been "forced" into this marriage, despite the fact that her husband's lucrative salary meant that she didn't have to work and could just live happily off the fruits of his labours. To Jimena it was obvious that Mrs. Lancaster knew about her husband's affairs and was angry about this but didn't wish to upset things in her happy comfortable life by confronting him. This also resulted in her tolerating his behaviour towards Jimena and blaming the maid for wearing such revealing clothing.

Jimena was vacuuming the living room when she heard the front door slam shut, Mr. Lancaster had gone into San Diego for an important business meeting, Jimena felt a sigh of relief in her hefty bosom, not for the /first-time/">first time she wondered if, despite the pay, this was really the right job for her. Because of the noise of the vacuum and the fact that her back was turned Jimena didn't immediately notice that Mrs. Lancaster had come into the room and was sitting on the sofa watching Jimena's long legs and the sway of her round ass as she vacuumed. That was why when she turned off the vacuum and turned round Jimena let out a slight gasp of /surprise/">surprise to see Mrs. Lancaster there.

Mrs. Lancaster was still dressed in the tiny gym shorts and sports bra of earlier, her long legs stretched out in front of her, Jimena couldn't help but notice how impressively well honed and muscular Mrs. Lancaster's body was. She flashed a smile at Jimena, Mrs. Lancaster practically never smiled so Jimena knew there must be something odd going on.

"George has gone out to his 'meeting'," she said scathingly, "And we both know what that means," winking at Jimena to imply she was fully aware that Mr. Lancaster had really gone to see another of his women, "And Claire's staying out tonight, which means it's just you and me Jimena," another smile and another wink.

Jimena was a little worried by where this was going, she wasn't very experienced with this sort of thing but she was sure that Mrs. Lancaster was flirting with her. Jimena began to feel a little uncomfortable, however at the same time she was becoming increasingly turned on by the attention Mrs. Lancaster was giving her. Unlike with Mr. Lancaster, Mrs. Lancaster seemed to know exactly how to make Jimena feel like she wanted her in return. In fact, as she tidied up the rest of the living room, Jimena deliberately walked in a way that showed more of her ass, seductively wiggling her wide hips and bending over to give Mrs. Lancaster a view down her low-cut maid's outfit and impressive cleavage.

Mrs. Lancaster was now standing beside Jimena:

"You know Jimena, you've got a really lovely figure, I really envy those breasts," she said, running her hand across Jimena's breasts.

Jimena felt a tingle running through her body at the feel of Mrs. Lancaster's hand on her breasts, something that had never happened with Mr. Lancaster, she could feel her nipples become firm and erect at Mrs. Lancaster's closeness and the touch of her hands and her pussy become wet. Jimena gave no resistance as Mrs. Lancaster leant across and placed her lips against Jimena's. Mrs. Lancaster's hands were running through the maid's long black curls, her firm athletic body pressed against Jimena's curvaceous one. Jimena instinctively opened her mouth wide to allow Mrs. Lancaster's tongue to penetrate it, at the same time her legs opened in sympathy and began to wrap themselves around Mrs. Lancaster's long smooth legs. Mrs. Lancaster's hands were now creeping up the inside of Jimena's very short skirt as her tongue explored the inside of the maid's mouth. Jimena felt Mrs. Lancaster's hands all over her ass in its white silk panties as Jimena felt all her urges and desires so long ignored come brimming to the surface. She unclasped Mrs. Lancaster's sports bra and allowed the older woman's small but pert breasts to fall free as they broke from the kiss.

One of Jimena's own /breasts/large-breasts/very-large-breasts/">very large breasts had fallen free as one of the sleeves of the black silk maid's uniform had slipped down her arm. As if driven by some force she didn't fully understand Jimena found her mouth around one of Mrs. Lancaster's nipples as she sucked on her employer's breast while her left hand began to play with her own. Her pussy was now literally dripping it's juices non-stop and her white panties were becoming soaked with it. Jimena got the impression Mrs. Lancaster was feeling the same as the older woman took down her tiny gym shorts and the panties beneath all in one go to reveal her swollen enticing pussy topped with downy blonde pubic hair.

With a strength and forcefulness that must have come from all those trips to the gym Mrs. Lancaster placed her hands on the maid's shoulders and pushed her to her knees. Jimena's face was now directly beside Mrs. Lancaster's thighs, her lips inches from her employer's pussy. Jimena knew exactly what Mrs. Lancaster expected of her and she eagerly obliged, running her tongue across Mrs. Lancaster's slit, savouring the taste for a moment as she heard Mrs. Lancaster groan with pleasure.