Midnights and Cold

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Midnights and Cold

I payed attention to the assignment I had to do. In the top right corner of a loose leaf sheet of paper, was my name Ashley Donce, the date was April 30, and it was period 9. There were about 30 math equations scribbled across the sheet, and I seemed to be the only one doing it. Amongst me, were the sluts, and the jocks, and that one strange kid who alway bought strange foods to school. Then there were the alternative people. The Emos, Loners, Goths, and Scenes. They just sat in the corner, talking with each other. I didnt fit into a group, I was the stiff, the one who never talked, or even touched a boy, let alone hug one. The only person I ever hugged was my friend Roshad, and he was gay.

" Well it seems as if Miss. Donce got the highest grade in the class" the /teacher/">teacher, Mrs. Witchman said. Or was it /bitch/">bitch-man?. No one even payed attention, and if they did, it was only to flip her off. I wasnt exactly the most liked teen either. I was short, chubby, over two hundred pounds, but I didnt look like /fat/">fat Albert .I wasnt fat at all, Maybe a little round but thats it. Short hair, colored pink and lavender, and maybe a little too much coverage due to my lack of fondness for tank tops and booty shorts.

" Miss. Donce! Pay attention! Weve started a new lesson" the teacher snapped, almost sounding surprised. This was it, this was my chance to get out of my nickname, Stiff Bitch.

"Why? Not like its important" I murmured, causing a few heads to turn. It was working!
" Whats so important and Pre-Calculus anyways. Is a tattoo artist really gonna have to figure out the diameter of a who the fuck cares?". I droned, causing more heads to turn. It wasnt an entire lie, I was always interested in opening up my own parlor.

" Miss. Donce! How dare you speak to me like that!" She gasped, swallowing her breath.

" Mrs. Bitchman! Are you on you period, because that camel-toe is just giving it all away right now" I shrugged, earning the who classs attention. Except for one guy. His name was Hunter Caylen, the most white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie feared boy in school. Also the hottest.

" GET OUT AT ONCE!" she screamed at me. Might as well give her one last compliment right?

" Geez! Did you eat a skunk pussy this morning" I groaned, getting up. I was no longer the stiff, maybe more over the /crazy/">crazy nerd who got her first detention. I walked out the door, just in time to hear the crazed laughter of the students. I walked outside.

I walked outside to the schoolyard, cigarette in hand. Not very many people knew, but I smoked occasionally. Maybe like one a month, I wasnt trying to die. It was freezing, even in April. Cold fronts were common.

" So, Skunk Pussy huh? Whered you get that one" a voice said from behind me. I turned around to see Hunter, his beanie dangled off his head, and he also had a cigarette dangling from his pierced lip.

" Dont ask" I sighed, blowing out smoke. I as surprised I was this casual with him.

" Funny, usually Brocks the one being kicked out, for making out with Monica during tests" He drawled, his voice was deep, almost soothing.

"I see, I should probably go" I sighed, stomping out the half lit cancer stick.

" Yeah, Ill see you later" He said smirking. Later? Didnt he mean the next day? Whatever, I guess thats what he meant.

I got home, and started on homework for other glasses, I watched TV while I did so. Soon, it was midnight, and it was practically 50 degrees out. My mom was out for the night, so i was left to my T.V and the kitchen to make me happy. That is, until the doorbell rang.

I hopped up and answered the door, only to see Hunter, in his usual black jeans, and tight tee shirt.

" W-what?" I asked. He ignored me and walked in. I chased him as he ran to my room.

" Hey! " I shouted, trying to pull him back.

" Shhh, wouldnt wanna wake the neighbors" He hissed, plopping down on my bed.

" Why are you here" I asked, confused.

" I was bored with life, so I came here..." he answered. I suddenly remembered I was wearing pajamas. A Snorlax onesie. Hey! I can be 18 and wear a onesie.

" Nice outfit" He chuckled laying down. I stood awkwardly. Just staring at him made a pool of wetness form between my thighs, I studied him. Curly short hair, almost styled into a quiff, big green eyes, toned muscles. What I really noticed was his bulge sticking out. Which made me tingle a little. Ash! Youre a virgin stop!

" I know you want me" he said, looking up at the ceiling. I looked down, nervous. " I want you " he continued. Causing me to look up shocked.
" Youre /good/good-girl/">good girl attitude turns me on so much, when I saw you explode today, I wanted you even more" he said walking up to me. He was behind me now. He fumbled with the zipper on my onesie and pulled it off. I chose the wrong night to go commando. I was afraid to turn around. It was freezing, and the draft was rising to my breasts.

" Can I have you? Right here, right now?" He whispered, moving his hands overs my nipples. I was hoping his was aware, I was still a virgin. Without thought I leaned my head back on his shoulder. His hand moved over to my pussy. He cupped it in his warm hand causing me to jump a little.

" Dont worry baby, Ill be gentle, I promise" He cooed. He started /tickling/">tickling my pussy lips, almost as if he was dragging a feather across my heat. I let out small whimpers, wanting him to go on. His index finger stopped at my clit, while the rest of his fingers continued tickling my sensitive labia.

" Okay baby, since youre a virgin, Ill show you the ropes. Maybe youll get it on your own" he whispered, placing gentle kisses on my neck. His free hand was pinching and poking my nipple. I gasped as his tender finger started rubbing my clit. That caused him to laugh.

" Wait till you see how my mouth feels" He snarled. You can do that with mouths too?

He led me towards the bed, gently pushing me down on my back. When I tried to sit up, he pushed me back down. I was stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv nervous, I felt liquid already drip down my leg. I felt him slowly blow cool air onto my slit. Then his tongue gently poked and probed my pussy. I was squirming. by then. Then his tongue lay flat against my clit. He moved his head up and down, the friction was killing me. He then started fucking me with his tongue, and I was just paralyzed. I felt something started forming in my core, and I was thrashing a bit, only to be held down by him. My fists clenched as I felt shoved shove a finger up my hole, surprisingly it wasnt painful.

" Hunter!" I moaned, I grabbed his hair to keep me from falling, which he replied by licking my pussy a lot harder. At one point he bit my clit a few times.

After that he actually fucked me. He said he was coming over again, and a lot of other times too.