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1996 was a great year for me. At four short years of graduating from the University of Texas, I got a great job in San Jose, California as the Head of Technical Support for a very well recognized computer company. My salary had much more than tripled from my previous job and this put a lot of extra cash in my pocket. It was my /first-time/">first time in a large and cosmopolitan city ? a lethal combination.

With an allowance to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area, my company put me up at the Saint Francis Hotel. On my way from the airport, the taxi got stuck in traffic on 5th street just before Market Street. I told the driver of the Lincoln sedan my new employers had arranged for me to drop off my luggage at the hotel. I would be walking the rest of the way. The heat of the August afternoon made me sweaty-balls horny.

As I walked up 5th street, not knowing exactly where I was, I noticed a few guys hanging around on the corner of Market and 5th Street. They looked rough, tough and intimidating. I had always been big shit back home even among my gun carrying horse riding straight friends. These guys looked tougher even by those standards. So, I could not help to notice their very well worked out bodies slightly accentuated by the perspiration showing through their tees and muscle shirts.

My snobbish attitude was even larger than the size of my luggage. What?s worse I was a cocksucker thinking myself above all other guys because I didn?t take it up the ass. In my mind that made me very much a man that just happened to suck cock once in a while.

After checking in, the hotel clerk arranged for my bags to be taken up to my room. I went up the elevator and contemplated with great enthusiasm the hustle and bustle of Union Square. It was only a few minutes after I settled myself that the bell rang. I tipped the bellhop a twenty that prompted him to say ??Sir, if there is anything else we can do for you. Please let us know?. 

?Where can a guy go to find some cock to suck?? No one knew me in the city and pretentious as I was, I wanted it recited to me instead of having to read it in a gay publication. Coming from a small town in Texas I was used to word of mouth.

After many a drink in a place called ?The Lyon?s Den? where my very uninformed bellhop turned visitor?s guide had directed me, I prepared to go back to the hotel. In my mind the hotel could not be that far or hard to find on foot. Since walking down Divisadero Street had produced no taxicabs. I figured that Divsadero would run into Geary Street and from there Powell could not be more than a ten-minute walk. Maybe I would find another bar along the way. Ignorance is bliss.

Because of the one too many martinis I had, the huge green street sign reading Geary did not become apparent to me. I found myself at the corner of Divisadero and Turk. Realizing I had passed the targeted street I made a left with the little sense of direction I had left. This put me in a path that would forever change my life and me. 

The most beautiful sight I had ever seen appeared before me. The man I saw leaning against the fence was a six-foot-four black god with a muscular built that was pouring out of the cut off sleeved flannel shirt he was wearing. He had a shaved head with the most dangerous and penetrating eyes. I could not help to look at the very large bulge noticeable even through the heavy and loose fabric of the jeans he was wearing. His very striking features were only shadowed by the extremely deep and almost commanding voice with which he spoke.

?Sup. You looking for fire?? he said.

As a semi-drunk out-of-towner full of hormones but lacking street smarts, I thought he was asking me if I wanted some cock. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I could not tell yet. 

?Yes.? I said. ?I have a room at the St. Francis. We can go there.?

He said nothing for a second. Then he said. ?Don?t gotta go that far for that, bro. We can go just ?round the alley?. 

He looked so good and I felt so lucky that I would get to suck his cock that I did not hesitate to agree by nodding. He nodded back and started walking towards downtown and I went with him. He took out his cell phone and motioned me to hush while he talked to someone. 

?Yo, sup? Y?all goin? to JJ?s man? Sup nigga? I got somtin?somtin? fo y?all later? Word?.

I found it rude that he was on the phone, but it did nothing to stop me from craving the cock I was going to suck.

The alley was dark and my mind told me it would be a great place to do my deed. My heart pounded and my mouth watered. I dropped to my knees with him towering in front of me. He lifted me up to my /feet/">feet again. This was my prompt, I thought, to kiss him but when I tried, he turned his handsome face to the right and my lips connected with his neck due to how much taller he was than I. 

?How much do you want?? I said. Thinking I had to buy the privilege to suck. This sort of thing happens in the city. 

The presence of the other two men now standing around me finally became apparent. My knees became weak and my face much whiter than it normally is. I protested and said ??What is this??

I saw the face of the other built like a truck man standing to the right of the black Adonis that lured me there. He grimaced as his right hand grabbed my throat and forced me to look straight into his eyes. It became clear should not resist. He yanked me down to my knees. It must have been leftover anticipation of the blowjob I was hoping to perform, that made my cock warm and I knew a hard on was on its way. 

?What you got sukka??? said the second thug (who?s name I picked up later to be J. J.). I did not understand what he meant. In my disoriented and turned on state all I could do was stare with a blank look on my face. He didn?t hesitate. His big strong hands were going through my pockets ?till they found my wallet. It was not until then that I realized what was happening to me. I felt fear for the first time. 

I tried to resist the invasion of all of their hands going through my pockets and finally my indignation pushed me to fight back. It took no more than ten seconds to realize that it was futile. I was commanded by J. J. to drop to my knees and stay there. Somehow this did nothing to take away the throbbing hadron that developed under my pants.

?What ya got J. J.?? said my host in this event ? whose name I never found out.

?Motha fuckka got dough. Mikey get the watch sukka.? J.J. said.

Mickey was the youngest one. In his facial expressions he wasn?t as tough as the others. He was almost sexxxx video ful hd angelic. My watch stripped off my wrist, he smiled at me. Whether he meant it to be demeaning or true in innocence, I could not help to notice how handsome his face was. 

J. J. was obviously the alpha male of the three. ?Let?s make ya a man Mikey. Make the motha fukka suck ya?. Mikey looked my way and unzipped his pants. My mind could not believe what was happening. His soft cock was presented in front of my face. Soft as it was it had to be at least seven inches long, beautiful and cut with a tempting bush of tight curly pubic hair at its base. His balls were almost the size of golf balls. Fear was only in the back of my mind and very quickly turning into hunger.

As I knelt there debating on what to do Mikey garbed his dick choking it between his thumb and index finger, which made his dick point straight at me. Then he pushed it against my lips. Did J. J. and Mikey think I was straight because they had not been communicated how this all started? It had to have been. 

?Make him to suck it fool. If he don?t wanna, make him? commanded J. J.

Mickey pushed his /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard against my lips one more time, which made me realize that I should not play hard to get but I should not make myself look as eager as I was. I must have come across as a good actor because Mikey forcefully pushed his still semi-soft cock in my mouth. He was such a man that just a split second in my mouth his dick grew and grew. 

As he pushed the back of my head to make my mouth go down on his cock, I felt it grow to a size I had never experienced before. Stuck all the way to the back of my mouth, there were at least three or four inches still between his groin and my lips. He pushed himself hard into my mouth and though I had never had the chance to deep throat something that big in all my life, his thrusts forced his cock past the back of my mouth and down the throat until my nose was being bent out of shape against the most erotic smell of his pubic bush. 

I gagged a couple of times but that only made Mikey more and more eager to force me to take his enormous cock all the way down. I started to taste a bit of salty /sweet/">sweet slippery fluid coating my tongue and throat. After that, the deep throating became easier. J. J. always vigilant to what was happening egged him on ? ?That?s it fool. Get som? head?.
As I was now enjoying the xxx sex video download free com beautiful cock of Mikey, my original captor protested to J. J. ? ?Y?all got the cash and the watch. Whatta I get??

?Take the Armani or /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-his-ass/">fuck his ass. You get into that shit fukka.? He growled.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw him as I had fantasized him to do before just slide down his oversized jeans and boxers to reveal an even bigger dick than Mikey?s. He grabbed the back of my Gucci belt and pulled me to my feet while Mikey?s cock was still impaled in my mouth. I knew what was coming and not having ever been fucked before, I wanted to say something, but couldn?t. 

I felt him undo my belt while my hands tried to prevent him but a third set of hands helped him. J. J. was going to aid him in his endeavor and so the belt and pants became undone just to slide down with the help of gravity. The fantastically beautiful stallion pressed the head of his dick against my /asshole/">asshole. I resisted and clenched it tight as hard as I could. J.J. saw the effort that my anal intruder was going through and he came to his aid in a way I could not have expected. 

?Open up that azz and let?m in.? he said as he slapped the back of my butt where the hamstring of my right leg meet the lower part of my ass cheek. With the lack of oxygen to my brain caused by Mikey?s /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock stuck all the way down my throat and the stinging of J.J.?s slaps to my hind, my ass was pierced open to accept the head of that biggest of dicks. 

It hurt. Yet the more the invasion pushed inside my ass, the deeper it got and the less painful it became. The words of J. J. as all this happened helped turn any pain into the most erotic pleasure I had ever felt.

?Tagg that ass. Mutha fukka gotta know.?

His furious thrusts with that enormous tool up my ass kept making me forget where or who I was and made me realize what I?ve always wanted to be. I wanted to be theirs. I wanted them to do with me what they pleased.

I felt a familiar warm and creamy liquid invade my mouth. Aware more than ever whom this tasty nectar was coming from I swallowed Mikey?s cum with delight squirt after squirt. He pulled away as soon as he was done. Leaving me with no support as I had been grabbing on to his legs for support. My face hit the ground. 

I still had that /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick up my ass and though my face hit the ground the little pain I felt did not distract me from the new and delicious sensation I felt inside of my ass. His dick was so long my mind told me it was hitting my chest as he thrusted. Even as I fell down he never missed a beat on the rhythm with which he pounded inside me. Dirt on my face, my ass intruded and my love for /cock/big-cock/">big cock finally admitted, I felt the warm and silky cum shoot with tremendous force deep inside of me.

I walked into the empty lobby of the hotel to take the elevator ride back to my room. Never in my life will I ever feel the excitement and fear of that night, yet I know that I have grown as a person. The thughz I thought were the thing I did not like about this city, are the one thing that I crave and keep me here hoping to just once more feel inside me again.